Saturday, 29 January 2011

Home Stretch Stripes

I mentioned in the post 'Bad Blogger' that I sewed a top from Sew U: Home Stretch, so here it is:

I did the boatneck top, and I was pleased with how easy it was to 'draft' the pattern.

I'm embarrassed to say that I made a mistake that I'm sure Is common among beginners; I didn't pretreat the fabric. I took this photo after it had been through it's first wash, and although I hope it isn't too obvious, it has clearly shrunk. The biggest problem is that it's now a little tight in the armholes.

But despite the mistake, overall I am pleased with it.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Bad Blogger

I think like many bloggers I have a problem with taking decent photographs. This is why there haven't been any posts recently.

Things I haven't written about:

1. I have finished three pairs of underwear to varying success.

2. I went to Amsterdam and bought some lovely fabrics and notions.

3. I made a knit top from Sew U Home Stetch that I'm pretty pleased with.

4. I made the world's most baggy leggings, but still wear them all the time.

5. I have loads of Finished Objects from last year, including my first pair of trousers.

6. I am currently working on a blue jacket from the new Spring simplicity patterns.

7. I am also working on yet another New Look 6723.

But I hate posts without pictures, but I just can't work out how to put photos on blogger from an iPad. So apologies for the picture-free post.

Do you ever have problems getting yourself to blog frequently? I'm still learning.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

The OTT Floral Dress - Photos of Me

These are the best photos that I could take, so please bear in mind that I'm using an laptop with Photo Booth, balancing it on a chair, and setting it on timer. So here are the photos of the dress on me: 

I added a cardigan to try to break up the headache-inducing floral pattern.

I think I like it more now than when I first made it. Unfortunately I haven't had a chance to wear it outside yet because it's freezing in the UK right now, but hopefully I'll be wearing it when spring arrives.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Planning for Resolution no5 - sewing my own underwear

From my sewing resolutions for 2011 I put:

'5. Learn to sew underwear
I have been inspired by Zoe'

Zoe very kindly left me my first ever blog comment:

So I had a look at her tutorial, and it was a great help.

I knew that I had to get some fold over elastic, but alas my local fabric store had none.

So to eBay I went and found fold over elastic in white for a reasonable price. Just search: fold over elastic.

I am going to be using the FREE burdastyle Cheeky Panties pattern.

I will be using some navy cotton jersey left over from the pair of leggings that I have been too shy to post about.

Friday, 14 January 2011

The OTT Floral Dress

OTT stands for Over The Top. That's why this dress is called the OTT floral dress.

In the fabric shop the floral print looked great, and I was willing to look past the fact that it was quite a boring thin cotton. But as the dress began to take shape I became increasingly worried because its an awful lot of floral.

This dress was a lot of firsts. First bodice lining. First sleeves. First gathered skirt.

Altogether I reasonably pleased with how it turned out, if a little disappointed with the fabric choice.

I will hopefully be posting a picture of me actually wearing it soon.

Friday, 7 January 2011

My Burda Style 02/2011 picks - The Preview

There are lots of good choices in next month's Burda Style.
Here are my favorites:

Skirt 103A
I have the perfect fabric for this; I will do a Project Planning post as soon as I get my hands on the pattern

Dress 101
I really like this dress, and I'm hopeful that this will fit better than its very similar vintage patterns that I have tried.

They also show it in a lovely floral, perfect for spring with a cardi.

Top 106
A good basic stretchy knit top.

Shorts 122A
I really want to make these shorts to wear when the weather gets warmer, but given it will snow again this year I may put this project off for a few months.

Dress 116

I love this casual dress made more flattering with a drawstring around the waist. I can see this in navy linen.

All three previews are available at:
Right at the top of the page

Why not tell me your favorites from next month's Burda Style in the Comments!

Monday, 3 January 2011

Project Planning: The Red Dress

The Pattern: New Look 6723

The Fabric: 2.5m of red crepe de chine from Fabricland

I plan on starting this in a few days, I have made up the pattern before so there will hopefully not be too many problems.

Resolutions for 2011

1. Sew more
This resolution isn't the most sensible one, I'm very busy with my A Levels right now, but I really enjoy sewing and I want to make time for it.

2. Sew for other people
Even if it's just pajamas.

3. Enter a pattern review contest
Some of them look like good fun, and a competition would really motivate me to get everything just right and not take any shortcuts.

4. Make another pair of trousers
I made my very first pair of trousers over Christmas, but I don't know if they really count as I made them out of a stretch suiting, so fitting wasn't too big an issue.

5. Learn to sew underwear
I have been inspired by Zoe

6. Take part in Self-Stitched September
This means making quite a few garments. I will need at least;
* 3 pairs of trousers
* 3 skirts
* 6 tops and blouses
* 2 cardigans ( I will do this with knitted fabric if I can ever find some)
* 1 coat
* 1 blazer/jacket
Given that I will probably Commit to wearing one homemade item a day, it would probably be sufficient.

7. Make a coat
I already have the materials ready, all I have to do is find the pattern and be brave.

8. Blog about already complete projects
I hope to do this in the coming weeks

9. Get involved in the sewing community
I don't want to be too shy to comment on my favourite blogs, and I want to use Pattern Review and Burdastyle.

10. Finish every project
I hate having UFOs, I have a skirt that just needs it's invisible zipper put in but had been sitting in a bag for months.

I hope that in a years time I will be able to look back and tick these all off.

Sunday, 2 January 2011

First Post

Something in the Way She Sews is a blog for me to share all my sewing projects, even the ones that don't turn out as I had planned.

I have been a lurker for some time now, rarely commenting on my favourite blogs. But I have seen what a fantastic thing the sewing community is, and I really want to join in.

I am a self taught sewist, which probably explains why I'm still a beginner. The main reason I'm starting a blog is so that I can get to know people that sew, because right now I don't know a single person that sews.

I hope that I will update regularly, it being the new year I have just read tens of year reviews of sewing, I hope that I'll have got somewhere with this blog by then.

My next post will be on New Years Resolutions for Sewing.