Saturday, 23 April 2011

Burda Style 05/2011 - Full Preview

These posts seem pretty popular, so I'll continue reviewing them, but I don't think they will ever be as good as the Burda Previews by The Selfish Seamstress.

So here are some of my favourites:

Dress 108A
Now I know that this dress doesnt seem great at first, but I believe that the technical drawing really allows you to see its potential.

I would also love to do this in the longer length, but in a solid colour.

Another selling point for this dress is a similarity to a dress that I saw on Kendi Everyday.

Trousers 118

I think these trousers are going to be great in the summer when it gets cool in the evening.

And they are probably really comfy, just like PJ bottoms.

An in the technical drawing we can see some great pockets, which is always a plus.

Trousers 124

I love these 50s style trousers!

I love the pleats, I love the thick waistband at the waist, I love the length...

And seeing the technical drawing I love the fact that it has a side zipper so I don't have to learn how to insert a fly front zipper, and I love that there are pockets.

Bra Top 127

I have been trawling through eBay to find a vintage beach wear pattern and this bra top will be perfect because its a multi-size pattern, so I can get the fit just right!

I love the fabric they chose to make this up in.

Seriously, it's exactly what I need.

Dress 125

I can't decide whether this dress is gorgeous or frumpy.

Because I think that in a different fabric and with shorter sleeves and hem that this dress could be great.

 And just look at those exaggerated pockets!

Overall Conclusions
I think that there is a really good selection of garments in May's Burda Style. I particularly like the 1950's inspired section. I will definitely be buying the May Issue.


  1. I love the last dress - but I'd make it with normal patch pockets (i.e. not baggy). The 2nd trousers you picked out are cool just as they are (I may even make them in summer - as/when my subscription arrives through my letterbox. And, I love the bra-top but as the patterns are drafted for a B-cup, I think my bigger chesticles might have a problem with the fit LOL!

  2. Hi Katherine. I have just swung by from Vivat Veritas blog. I think its quite funny how my thoughts are entirely the same as yours regarding the latest issue. I too have 108A down with huge potential. Though finding reversible jacquard is proving to be very tricky even though Im surrounded by fabric shops! Im not very productive right now as I'm really busy too but I look forward to seeing your creations!