Friday, 22 April 2011

Finished Object - Navy polka-dot skirt

Here is one of the projects which as been finished for a while but I have only just got around to taking photos of.

I have also decided to be brave and put my face on the blog! So here are some photos of me and my little  dog George.

The skirt is made from a very slightly sheer navy polka dot cotton, so I do have to wear an underskirt.

This skirt was really easy to make, so I didn't have to use a pattern. I just pleated the fabric and added a waistband and a zip. If I made it again I would add interfacing to the waistband - it's such a beginner mistake!


  1. so cute! I love the fabric!!

  2. This is too cute! I love polka dots! Just wonderful!

  3. What lovely photos. Hi there, pretty face! I LOVE the skirt, your dog is so cute. That's a great garden, also.

  4. This is lovely! The pleats are really beautiful; very even. And the fabric is so adorable.

  5. What a pretty skirt - just the thing in this lovely weather we're having at the moment in London :)