Sunday, 13 February 2011

Burda 03/2011 - A Disappointment

Have you seen next month's Burda preview?

I have, and its awful. I have only been buying Burda Style since August 2010, but I have eagerly bought every copy, because every month there is at least three patterns that I think I want to make and wear. But not this month.

So what I'm going to do for this month is post the worst of Burda Style 03/2011. I am very sorry if you disagree with my choices, I'd love to be proven wrong on this issue.

Dress 106

I have a rule for buying clothes online, and I think it applies here as well: 'If it is unflattering on the model, it will be unflattering on me.' I can't imagine anyone on whom this dress would look good, the shape is just so wrong.

Trousers 132

These trousers are so awful that they didn't even photograph them properly, they covered them up with a huge kaftan. I think the worst picture is the technical drawing; look at that strange extra strip of fabric at the back, what is it for?

Top 112

I don't understand this top. I understand that asymmetrical might have been the look that they were going for, but to push it this far is madness, or at least very unwise. Again the technical drawing really shows how odd the pattern-makers were feeling when they sat down to put together the March issue.

I think its wise to stop at three, although I could go through nearly the entire issue. I haven't decided whether I'll buy it, do I really want to spend £4.75 on a magazine of patterns that I'll never use? 

If you want to see the issue in full go to;jsessionid=753EA363EA1EFC427D8C313EBC6C6DF4


  1. I agree this is such a disappointment. The only cute thing in this issue was the baby. That dress is unbelievably unflattering, but I bet that someone will sew it up.

  2. After looking at your posted pics, I agree, agree, and most definitely agree with your assessment.

  3. the last two issues were horrible and dull. The 03/11 actually had one cute dress, but as always, it's in petite size. I really hope that it will get better in the future because I have a subscription until 10/11 :-(

  4. Just found your lovely blog via Did You Make That. This post sums up all my feelings towards Burda - not only do they want to make you pay almost £5 for a magazine full of dubious designs, they also want to make you spend hours of your life tracing them out from ordnance survey maps. I also read your stylish blogger award post and wanted to say that I did textiles GCSE (a long time ago) and it didn't help me at all with dressmaking but I do remember doing a lot of 'burn tests'. The internet seems to be the best source of info now unless you feel like doing a proper dressmaking class. Your yellow skirt is so pretty.

  5. Hi Katherine,

    I've just discovered your blog and this post made me laugh! Those trousers are so hideous! I understand the fashion for harem trousers (although it's something i would never wear) but they are just foul!

  6. Literally just tripped over your blog while looking for something else but have to say that so far every issue of Burda for the '11 year has really made me wish I hadn't renewed my subscription.

  7. I chose not to renew my subscription, because I was rather disappointed in most of last year's offerings. I did take a look at last month's just now, so I'd know whether to bother stopping at Barnes & Noble to pick it up. You're right, most of the stuff in there is rather atrocious. Though I do have to admit that there is a really lovely jacket, and a pair of pants that I like the technical drawing of (and it's actually perfect as a second pattern choice for an Anthropologie knockoff that I'm plotting, since my primary pattern I'm going to alter is also a Burda. The welt pockets/placement are exactly what I need. So I just might pick it up anyway.)