Monday, 28 February 2011

Stylish Blogger Awards

For me? I was surprised to win an award of any sort, so I am very grateful to the both lovely and stylish Suzie at Su Sews So-So and Winnie at Scruffy Badger Time for recognising me and my little blog.

Part one
So here are seven things which you may not know about me:

1. I want to study history at university, right now I'm doing my A Levels with a mixture of working from home and individual tuition. I really love history, and it runs in my family; my father studied History and my sister is doing a degree in History of Art!

2. This you may have gathered from my previous point: I live at home. I haven't yet flown the nest and in terms of sewing this means that I'm pretty well off; we have lots of space for cutting things out, I get pocket money for buying fabric, and they don't mind the noise from my sewing machine. Contrast this with what it's going to be like living at university where I'll have no space, very little spare money and other students complaining about my sewing machine being too loud.

3. I play the guitar and ukulele, not very well, but I'm certainly passable. I am self taught, I had tried to learn with a tutor when I was 11 and that didn't work, but when I picked it up myself it became fun. I am so grateful that my parents just let me stop when I wanted to as I probably wouldn't be finding the enjoyment from it that i do today.

4. I have an adorable little yorkshire terrier called George. I just find him so cute, all he wants from life is puppy treats and a tummy rub, both of which I provide in abundance.

5.I have never had any sewing lessons; I could have done textiles for GCSE but there were so many other subjects that I wanted to do that it didn't ever cross my mind. When I'm trying to put in a zipper, or I can't sort out the tension on my machine, I think back to and curse the day I didn't choose to do textiles, it would have been jolly helpful.

6. I love to walk, I hated it for years because I just couldn't see the point, but now nothing can help lift my low spirits than a walk in Richmond Park when it's sunny.

7. I am very shy (huge understatement), but having this blog is so good for me in so many ways. It had got me actually meeting complete strangers in an unknown part of London to go fabric shopping, I was absolutely terrified, but I had a fantastic time. I now talk to people about sewing and other people have lovely things to say about my blog and it's contents. I am just overwhelmed at the friendliness of the online sewing community.

Part two
Here are 7 super stylish and lovely people that I want to learn more about

- Mary of Idle Fancy
- Shalyn of ars gratia artis
- Meg of Sew Happy Clothes
- Clair of Sew, Incidentally
- Amanda of Sewin' in the Rain
- Emily of Seymour
- Liz of zilredloh


  1. Katherine, thank you SO much for including me in your seven bloggers! Also, it's nice to know there's another History enthusiast in the sewing community. I started off studying History at university, but sadly had to switch over when I decided to go to medical school. It's still my absolute favorite subject, however - the bookshelves in my house positively buckle under the weight of all the history books I own. History buffs, unite! :D

  2. Hi Katherine,

    About point number 2, trust me when you go to uni, being able to sew will be a huge plus point. Being able to whip up a going-out outfit in an afternoon and make or customise fancy dress items for the many theme nights your union bar/club will have will make you a popular person to know!

  3. Wow! Thanks so much for the nod! I'll be posting my one soon.

  4. Thanks for the mention, Katherine! I'm going to get around to posting mine :) Nice to know a little more about you! I wish I had started sewing when I was your age (I was shy too and sewing would've been a fun activity - not much talking required!).

  5. Thank you sooo much for my award... I've now got to think of 7 things to share :) I think as you sew more and more & people compliment you on your makes you'll get less shy hun!