Friday, 18 February 2011

Finished Object (finally!) - Yellow Pleated Skirt

I have completed my first item in my Colette Patterns Spring Palette Challenge capsule wardrobe, it's a simple pleated yellow skirt, in cotton. I didn't use a pattern, I just made a mark every three inches along my fabric and went from there.

Overall I'm quite pleased with it, in reality it's a much brighter yellow, but the lighting in these photos is terrible, so awful that my knees look purple!

I feel embarrassed about posting this picture because it looks like I'm flashing or showing my underwear, but really this is just an extra skirt with an elastic waistband that I made to make the skirt more opaque and a bit pouffier. 

But I think it also looks nice flattened down a bit.

Now, I had serious trouble with the zipper:

It sticks out like a sore thumb. Its too long and I put it in by hand, I also don't really know how to put a zip into a pleated skirt and make it invisible. If anyone knows if there's a tutorial out there I would be really grateful for a link.

This is a photo of my new top (it goes with my spring palette), I wish I had made it myself. Maybe I'll try to copy it.

And lastly, it is absolutely essential that I end the post like every other blogger that makes a full skirt; with a twirl!


  1. Very spring-like! I'm not sure about zips and pleats but I think it would depend a lot on the pattern of the pleats and I can't quite see what yours are doing at the side of the skirt. I guess the zip has to go at the 'edge' of a pleat or it wouldn't work...I'm going to be thinking about this all day now :-)

  2. its so fun you are participating the colette pattern spring palette! i wanted to participate myself, but i just didn't have enough time...:(

    your skirt looks great, i love the color. yellow was something that i never wore before, just because i thought it matches with my skin color too much, but i began to like lemon yellow color a lot. great job!! xoxo

  3. I love this skirt - perfect for spring! And I can't believe you didn't use a pattern!

  4. Hello Katherine,
    I've seen your comment on the CP Forum - thank you! This is a lovely skirt & really doesn't look like you've not used a pattern. Not only is the fabric a gorgeous Spring colour it also looks like it's a really nice quality. Thinking daffoldils here!

  5. This is a very cute skirt and such a nice color to look at now that there is still winter outside. I am looking forward to your other creations for the Colette Spring Palette challenge.

    As for you zipper trouble, try this article
    They have more on their webpage just search for it. Hope that helps :-)