Thursday, 27 January 2011

Bad Blogger

I think like many bloggers I have a problem with taking decent photographs. This is why there haven't been any posts recently.

Things I haven't written about:

1. I have finished three pairs of underwear to varying success.

2. I went to Amsterdam and bought some lovely fabrics and notions.

3. I made a knit top from Sew U Home Stetch that I'm pretty pleased with.

4. I made the world's most baggy leggings, but still wear them all the time.

5. I have loads of Finished Objects from last year, including my first pair of trousers.

6. I am currently working on a blue jacket from the new Spring simplicity patterns.

7. I am also working on yet another New Look 6723.

But I hate posts without pictures, but I just can't work out how to put photos on blogger from an iPad. So apologies for the picture-free post.

Do you ever have problems getting yourself to blog frequently? I'm still learning.


  1. What works for me is to set a schedule and only post according to that. It's sometimes a very short, picture-free post, but it keeps me in the habit.

    I am enjoying your blog :-)

  2. I am awful at regular blogging too! Often my problem is that I'm not half as productive as other sewing bloggers so it's hard to post often if I havent finished anything new! You, however, sound like you have been very busy - well done!
    And the dark winter days make it so hard to take any decent pictures during the week!
    Like cyberdaze, I've been trying to schedule regular weekly posts, focusing on a particular theme - I do a 'Mode Mondays' looking a a different fashion look I'm liking at the moment, and sometimes I do a 'Fab Fabric Friday' but not as regularly. At least it keeps me in the habit (as cyberdaze says).
    Looking forward to your posts when you do finally fingure out how to do the photos on the ipad (sorry, I can't help with that at all!)

  3. HI Katherine
    I just found your blog and like it very much. I try and blog frequently but have found that more often now I am preparing a couple of posts in advance so I can post when I get really busy. I do struggle with getting good photos and finding a good photo space in my house!