Friday, 14 January 2011

The OTT Floral Dress

OTT stands for Over The Top. That's why this dress is called the OTT floral dress.

In the fabric shop the floral print looked great, and I was willing to look past the fact that it was quite a boring thin cotton. But as the dress began to take shape I became increasingly worried because its an awful lot of floral.

This dress was a lot of firsts. First bodice lining. First sleeves. First gathered skirt.

Altogether I reasonably pleased with how it turned out, if a little disappointed with the fabric choice.

I will hopefully be posting a picture of me actually wearing it soon.


  1. Nice! What pattern did you use? I think if you wear it with boots, black tights, and a belt (and maybe a black scarf?) the floral will make a great contrast to the tougher accessories.

  2. i think the dress is adorable! i want to see a pic of you wearing it:) nice fabric choice! i love floral prints.