Thursday, 20 January 2011

The OTT Floral Dress - Photos of Me

These are the best photos that I could take, so please bear in mind that I'm using an laptop with Photo Booth, balancing it on a chair, and setting it on timer. So here are the photos of the dress on me: 

I added a cardigan to try to break up the headache-inducing floral pattern.

I think I like it more now than when I first made it. Unfortunately I haven't had a chance to wear it outside yet because it's freezing in the UK right now, but hopefully I'll be wearing it when spring arrives.


  1. It's lovely! Great job--what a fantastic fit and it's perfect for spring!

  2. Definitely like it with the black cardi and belt. Fingers crossed the weather warms up soon!

  3. lovely! i like that you paired with black cardigan to tone down the floral print:) looks great!


  4. Lovely! It looks great with the cardigan, but also without - I think the black background stops it being too OTT!

  5. I love this dress, couldn't you whack a pair of tights on as its still a bit nippy?

    I think its a beautiful print and not as garish as you think. Sometimes when you spend so long lookin at something whilst you're sewing you start to pick out all its flaws, take a fresh look to appreciate it again.

    And thanks for being my first follower :) xx